Connecting your PULSE SUB wirelessly



The PULSE SUB is a wireless subwoofer that uses point-to-point technology, allowing it to easily pair to your existing PULSE SOUNDBAR. When you first plug in and turn on your PULSE SUB, the front LED will turn solid blue after about 15 seconds. After another 15 seconds, the front LED will go out.

Getting Started

  • Ensure the PULSE SOUNDBAR is on and connected to the network
  • Play something through the PULSE SOUNDBAR to make sure the Player is not in Standby Mode
  • Ensure the PULSE SUB is plugged in and powered ON
  • Note the location of the small Pairing Button on the back of the PULSE SUB

Pairing Your PULSE SUB

  • In the BluOS App, select the PULSE SOUNDBAR from the Rooms Drawer and press the Settings icon
  • Scroll to the bottom and press Pair with Pulse Sub
  • Press and hold the PAIRING button on the rear of the PULSE SUB for ten seconds then release the button - the front LED will blink green.
  • The Pair with Pulse Sub status in the App will change to Pairing and then Connected
  • The PULSE SUB LED will then again go out after 15 seconds


  • The PULSE SUB can only connect wirelessly if a PULSE SOUNDBAR is in your system
  • Alternatively you can connect the PULSE SUB to any existing Bluesound Player Gen 2 Player or a Bluesound Gen 1 Powernode using Subwoofer Cable (not included).
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