Pairing a Harmony Remote to your Player or Soundbar



The core software of the Bluesound ecosystem, BluOS, is built completely on our company’s desire to differentiate our solutions with the ability to wirelessly manage, play, and stream high-resolution music files. Our belief is that offering products with easy access to the benefits that high-resolution audio brings will only increase the enjoyment for music lovers and enthusiasts worldwide.

To clarify our BluOS protocol using your home network to manage music files up to 24/192 and allows these files or streams to be accessed anywhere in the home, grouped together, or played individually in various zones. The first for products introduced by Bluesound; NODE, POWERNODE, VAULT, and PULSE 2 (and original PULSE) accept files up to 24/192 and maintain the native sample rate until the DAC stage where signals are generally upsampled from Pulse Code Modulation, to Pulse Density Modulation or Pulse Width Modulation, depending on the specific DAC design employed. 

In the Bluesound Gen 2 family, our design team continued to challenge ourselves to hit even more accessible price points and categories. This led to our launch of the PULSE MINI, PULSE FLEX and more recently, the PULSE SOUNDBAR. To enable us to bring our high-resolution music protocol to these price points and to optimize the performance in such compact designs, we utilize advanced DSP algorithms to linearize frequency response and optimize acoustic output and dynamics of the system. Paul, Chief Designer of PSB Speakers and key contributor to Bluesound's acoustics design team, provided the following commentary of what his means for these products: 

“In the three most recent Pulse designs (Flex, Mini, Soundbar) we have carefully balanced performance with cost by focusing our resources on the most important things. These models are completely closed designs enabling control over every aspect of the signal flow from the input to the transducer (woofer and tweeter) output. Since the weakest link in any sound reproduction device is the transducer, we have paid special attention to the woofer and tweeter designs and enhanced them with custom DSP control to improve all aspects of driver performance.  Taken together, this advanced acoustic platform results in the exceptional musicality of the Bluesound systems. By operating the speaker DSP in these three models at 24/48 and the digital switching of the amplifiers at 384Khz PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) we achieve an optimal balance between performance and cost.”


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