U-Verse Firewall Issues




In order to play music from a Network Accessible Storage (NAS) device, or a computer such as a Windows desktop or Apple MacBook, Bluesound players will require access to certain network TCP/IP ports. The 2Wire brand routers supplied by AT&T for U-Verse subscribers have an on-board firewall that by default blocks these ports. Users with a U-Verse subscription will require enabling these ports to connect to network-shared music files using a Bluesound Player.


The below steps enable NetBIOS broadcasting on an AT&T U-Verse 2Wire router allowing for network scanning and share discovery allowing Bluesound Players to easily locate network shares in the Configure Player Menu. These are followed by steps to allow a firewall exception for SMB (Server Message Block) file sharing, allowing Bluesound Players to connect to those shares and index music stored on a NAS or computer. The user will still require enabling sharing on their NAS or Personal Computers as discussed in these technical bulletins:

Operating System

Technical Bulletin

Windows 8 BLS-TB14-601 File Sharing - Microsoft Windows
Mac OS X BLS-KB14-602 File Sharing - Mac OS X


When editing settings in your AT&T U-Verse 2Wire Router, you will require the router’s administration password. The default password is the router serial number located on the bottom of the router. If you have changed the password and cannot remember it, the password can be reset using the same serial number without factory resetting the router.

  • Open a web browser and enter the address: http://gateway.2wire.net
  • From the Home Page, select Settings, Firewall.

  • Select Advanced Configuration.
  • Under Outbound Protocol Control, check the option NetBIOS.
  • Under Inbound Protocol Control, check the option NetBIOS.
  • Click ‘Save’ to commit changes.
  • Enter the router administrator password if prompted and Click ‘Save’.
  • You will see a message saying ‘Configuration Successful’.
  • NetBIOS is now enabled on your system for Bluesound to locate network shares.

Firewall Port Exceptions

You will now have to manually enter the ports allowed for Bluesound to access a NetBIOS share using SMB.

  • From the Firewall tab on Settings, select Applications, Pinholes and DMZ.
  • Under Edit Firewall settings on this computer, set the option to Allow individual applications.

  • Click Add a new user-defined Application.
  • Enter the Application Profile Name ‘Bluesound’ for reference.

  • Refer to the below table and enter each of the following Application Definitions pressing ‘Add to List’. The completed items will appear on the Definition List.

  • Once all are entered, select ‘Back’ to save your changes.
  • Select ‘Save’ and close your browser.


  • After making changes to the 2Wire router, you will be required to login to save those changes. The default router administration password is the 10-digit serial number labeled SN located on the bottom of the router.
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