I have configured everything correctly, why is my PC/Mac/NAS Network Share not there when I select Find Network Shares?



If your network share has been configured properly, yet it still cannot be located, simply select Enter Share Name Manually.

Enter the computer share name in Universal Naming Convention by entering \\ComputerName\Share where ComputerName is the network name or NetBIOS name of the computer and Share is the name you created when generating the network share. ComputerName can also be the IP address of the computer but if for any reason your computer IP may change (such as a power failure), you will have to remove and recreate your connection to Bluesound.

A network directory path such as \\ComputerName\C\Users\JSmith\Music will not work as this is not Universal Naming Convention format. Please review our Knowledge Base section of File Sharing – Connecting to your current Music Library or Online Owner’s Manual on Windows or Mac file sharing for detailed assistance.

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