Why is some of my Album Cover Art shown as missing?



An index of the Bluesound local Library will look for Album Artwork in one of two places:

  • Stored as folder.jpg or cover.jpg in the same folder as the located music
  • A Jpeg embedded into the metadata of the music file

The BluOS firmware is not concerned with the actual resolution of the file (300x300, 500x500, 1024x1024). The limit is with the size of the artwork file. Bluesound will resize any external graphic file larger than 600kb in size. Embedded artwork is limited to 600 kb in size. MOST 500x500 jpg files are 45-60kb, well within reach. Currently iTunes is releasing artwork in 600x600 PNG format for the retina display Apple products. Even The Beatles Self Titled (The White Album) clocks in at just over 240kb here but most albums are between 450-550kb in size in this format.

If you are using embedded artwork, please ensure each track on the album has the artwork attached to ensure your artwork is displayed correctly.

Bluesound does not include a metadata editing tool but many fine editors are available on the Internet for various different digital music types. For more details about such editors, see Why is my music not sorted correctly after Bluesound indexed all my Music? (BLS-KB13-916).

If you are having issues with your artwork, yet you have met these criteria, select Settings, Music Library, Rebuild Index to get a clean index of your library. Once completed, check out your Library and see how it looks. If you still see something out of the ordinary (Completely Black or Older Albums), your iPad or Android device may still have some older cache their. Select Reload Artwork  At first all your artwork will disappear and then slowly 'pop' in as you scroll through the app. 


  • The Cover.jpg file will now supersede all other options including embedded artwork to allow for easier changes in folder artwork.
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