Tips for Customers Switching to Bluesound



If you are switching to Bluesound from another provider of streaming players, please be advised that settings on your computer may have been altered for streaming software or applications specific to that systems needs.

Usually, this includes access permissions to folder contents. For example; after creating a share in Windows for a previous application, the read access properties for the Group "Everyone" may be disabled in favour of a local user created by the software. To reinstate this permission for your folders, apply the following to each folder you have previously connected to with your previous provider if necessary: 

  • Select the Folder
  • Right Click the Folder and Select Properties
  • On the Sharing Tab select Advanced Sharing
  • Select Permissions and Add the Group Everyone granting Read Access
  • Press OK to confirm

For Mac User this may also apply.  Follow these steps

  • Select the Folder in Finder
  • Press Command I to Get Info
  • Authenticate as an Admin by clicking the padlock icon in the bottom right corner
  • Under Sharing & Permissions, set Everyone to Read only
  • Click the gear icon at the bottom and click Apply to enclosed items...
  • Close the Info window
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