How can I import an iTunes Playlist from my MacBook or iMac into Bluesound




Bluesound has the ability to import individual playlists stored as .M3U files on a NAS or PC. Apple's iTunes stores all off its playlists in a single .XML file and is not read by Bluesound. In order to import your iTunes Playlists you will have to export them into individual .M3U playlists and then import them into Bluesound.

Apple's iTunes does have an export function that allows you to export as an .M3U file but this will export as one giant file of all music in your library and not your actual Playlists.


There are many iTunes utilities available that will export as .M3U playlists. Bluesound has tested an excellent shareware product from called Batch Export Playlist v1.9 (or higher). Please follow their instructions to download and install it on your iTunes system.

Once you have exported and have a series of .M3U files, using TextEdit, open each .M3U file and find & replace the text '/Users/-username-/Music/iTunes/iTunes Media/' where -username- is the user name of the Apple Login ID with just './'  (a period followed by a forward slash) from the beginning of each entry and save the list. The text may also be '/Users/-username-/Music/iTunes/iTunes Music/' depending on your release of iTunes.

Place the saved .M3U file(s) in the folder Users/-username-/Music/iTunes/iTunes Media (or iTunes Music as noted above) where -username- is the user name of the Apple Login ID.

Reindex your Bluesound Player.

These exported iTunes Playlists should now appear in Local Library under Playlists.


  • is a shareware site independent from Bluesound and its subsidiaries.  Though the product is free, they do ask for a donation for purchase to maintain the site.
  • iTunes Playlists are not dynamically updated. As playlists are maintained or added, the again must be exported from iTunes and imported into Bluesound.


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