How Do I Connect My Turntable to My Bluesound Player?



To really enjoy the lossless audio of your vinyl collection on a turntable using your Bluesound Gen 2 Player, simply connect a phono preamp to the Analog In port on the back of your Bluesound Gen 2 Player.

Once connected, open the Navigation Drawer and an Analog Input source will appear. Select it and the warm sound of vinyl will play through the Player. 


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    Why on PULSE specs sheet is only mentioned "TOSLINK digital optical input" and not "Combo - Toslink/3.5mm" as it is on PULSE MINI?

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    Tony W.

    Hi Lorenzo

    On the original Bluesound PULSE (Introduced in the Spring of 2013) this was an optical in only via TOSLink. On the updated PULSE 2 (released in September of this year), it is now a Combo Jack, like the PULSE MINI.