Introducing BluOS 1.20.0 for Bluesound


With the latest software release, BluOS version 1.20.0, you can now browse & search by composer on the BluOS Controller App, create programmable music presets, control your Bluesound Player with new supported IR remotes, and directly stream music and apps from any Bluetooth® compatible device.


BluOS Controller App for iOS, Android and Kindle Fire, version 1.20.0 or higher.

BluOS Desktop Controller for Apple OS X and Windows PC, version 1.8.0 or higher.


Browse & search by composer.
Bluesound now indexes information on the composer of the music loaded into “My Library”, allowing the user to browse or search for a song or album by a composer’s name.

Create presets for music favorites.
For those who have a favorite radio station, playlist, or input source that you access regularly, Bluesound now allows you to program up to five presets in the mobile app. Presets can be programmed to correspond to buttons on a remote, the buttons on your PULSE FLEX, or they can live only in software form in the drawer of your app.

Control music easier with new IR remotes.
Bluesound now supports the new Denon®, Panasonic® and Metz® IR remote controls, allowing you to send commands to your Bluesound Players from your choice of handheld device. Any supported IR remote control can be used to control playback, select presets or adjust the volume levels for Bluesound.

Play music directly from any Bluetooth device.
Stream music and apps directly to Bluesound Players* from any Bluetooth compatible device to enjoy wireless music anywhere you want. Simply connect and pair your Bluetooth device to a Bluetooth-enabled Player and instantly start listening to music without connecting to a WiFi network or using the BluOS Controller App.

*This feature is only available on Bluesound Players enabled for Bluetooth streaming.

> Includes Slovak language support and other minor software enhancements.


Before upgrading, please make sure the BluOS Controller App* and Desktop Controller* have been upgraded to the latest firmware, as per the above Software Requirements. 

Bluesound Players will send a notification for upgrade within 24 hours to the BluOS Controller App and Desktop Controller for iOS, Android, Kindle Fire, and Windows and Mac desktops. If no notification is received, please visit for the latest apps and BluOS firmware updates. 

Download the full software release notes here


In order to force an upgrade to begin, the option "Check for Upgrade" is available past the "Configure Player" option. This will force the upgrade prompt to occur.

Open the left-hand Navigation Drawer of the Bluesound Controller App. Scroll to the bottom and tap Configure Player Check for Upgrade

This will force the upgrade prompt to occur. 


If the Bluesound Player is unable to connect to the internet (wired or wireless) due to poor connectivity or router settings, BluOS 1.20.0 can be downloaded onto a USB storage device and inserted into Bluesound Players to perform an upgrade.

Visit to download the latest firmware for manual Player upgrades.

Disconnect the power cord from your Bluesound Player and insert the USB device into the input on the back of the Player.  

While pressing and holding the Play/Pause Button on the Bluesound Player (see further for PULSE Players), reconnect the power cord and continue to hold the Play/Pause Button for 5 seconds then release. PULSEs require power before the Play/Pause Button can be pressed to start the upgrade. Reconnect power to the PULSE Player before pressing and holding the Play/Pause Button as instructed. 

The Bluesound Player will now start to copy the file from the USB device and enter Upgrade Mode.The Play/Pause Button will begin blinking an alternating pattern of green and red to indicate this. 

Once completed, the Bluesound Player should reboot on its own and return to normal functionality. You can now remove the USB device from the back of the Player.

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