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The BluOS App for Android and iOS has been designed with a SmartPlay feature to let you play the music you want to hear, right away.

Simply browse through your Local Library or favorite Music Service and tap a song you want to hear. It will start playing instantly. Auto fill will then auto-populate the Play Queue by adding all of the tracks that follow the selected song. Songs that are Auto filled will also be gradient in the App to be easily identified as suggested tracks.


To listen to another song, simply tap your song of choice and it will play instantly. It is placed next in the Play Queue and Auto fill will add all of the tracks that follow the newly selected song. Only previously played songs will remain and stay at the top of the Play Queue.


Want to add to the Play Queue without interrupting what is currently playing or by adding songs one at a time? The BluOS App can do that too. Press the More indicator  to the right of the Song and a Context Menu will appear. Select Play Now to immediately start the current spot in the Play Queue, Add Next to be queued up after the current song or Add Last to have the song added at the bottom of the Play Queue. All Auto fill songs will now be removed from the Play Queue. 


Auto filled songs can also be easily removed from the Play queue by selecting the trash can icon in the Auto fill page page break.

Like what you heard? You can Save the current Play Queue as a Playlist making it easy to listen to again and again. To Save select the Disc Icon  and enter a name for the Playlist. Auto filled songs yet to play in the Play Queue will not be saved.


  • Suggested tracks in the Auto fill section will be added to the Play Queue as Play Next when the currently playing track has less than 40 seconds left to play
  • In the Settings Menu, Playback you can set the Enable Autofill to off. This is a User App Preference setting unique to the currently used smartphone or tablet.
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