Introducing BluOS 2.0.0


BluOS 2.0

The latest BluOS software release, version 2.0.0, is a major upgrade for all Bluesound Players and BluOS-enabled wireless hi-res music systems. In the new software, the BluOS Controller Apps for iOS and Android have been re-designed to make discovering and playing music, wirelessly, in the home better than ever. The new BluOS 2.0 software also features other enhancements including Radio Paradise® music service integration, one-touch Player upgrade, support for Apple Watch and mobile widgets, custom URL stations on TuneIn®, and updated Controller Apps for Windows PC and Mac OS X desktops.

To run the new BluOS Controllers, version 2.0, you will need the following: iOS 7 or higher, Android 4.0 or higher, Windows Vista or higher, and Mac OS X 10.7 or higher. 

Software Requirements

BluOS Controller for iOS, Android and Kindle Fire, version 2.0.0 or higher.

BluOS Controller for Windows PC and Mac OS X, version 2.0.0 or higher.


  • BluOS 2.0 Controller App: Built to be a universal one-app solution, the BluOS 2.0 App for iOS, Android, Windows PC, and Mac OS X now features a sleek new user interface and enhanced feature set.
  • Better Music Access: A new search engine allows users to browse networked music collections and select custom playlists and favorites stored in a local library, on a mobile device, or streaming music service with quick on-demand access to enhanced search functions.
  • SmartPlay Playlist Creation: A faster and easier way to queue up music, allowing you to instantly add and listen to tracks without limitations, while the rest of the album or playlist is auto-filled into the queue.
  • Apple Watch Support: BluOS Controller is now available for Apple Watch. Instantly check what’s playing, select a Player, or change the track, right from your wrist.
  • Custom TuneIn Stations: Add unlisted MP3, AAC and WMA streaming stations to TuneIn using the streaming URL and add it to your favorites.
  • Assisted Player Setup: With guided in-app tutorials on startup, you can easily connect BluOS devices to an existing stereo system, powered loudspeaker or home network, and instantly start streaming and listening to music.
  • What’s New? Tutorials: In-app notifications and introductions that highlight the newest feature upgrades.
  • Enhanced Navigation: The left-hand Navigation Drawer has been refreshed to be more intuitive and connect you with more of your music faster and easier.
  • Player Presets: Create and add music presets on the fly, and directly access them through one of the many control options.
  • Radio Paradise Integration: Internet radio fans can access and stream a commercial-free blend of music genres, carefully selected by real music fans with streams up to 320kbps.
  • Now Playing Screen: Active tracks and albums will be displayed in a full-screen layout and include new animations.
  • One-touch Upgrade: Upgrade all Bluesound Players at once with a single-tap on your mobile, tablet or desktop app.
  • HD Track IDs: Tracks playing from Qobuz® and TIDAL® are now identified with a HD indicator to show playback quality.
  • Improved Player Drawer: All-new icons for Bluesound Players, Group All, Pause All, plus improved Player grouping logic.
  • More In-App Support: Connect with the BluOS Support Crew directly from your mobile device, and access knowledge base articles on the fly.
  • New Mobile Widget: Access BluOS presets and control music playback at a glance with a single swipe, without ever launching the app.
  • Modern iOS Resolutions: Support for iPhone 6/6+ Retina displays which allows for more on-screen information.
  • Mobile Landscape View: Rotating your mobile phone from vertical to horizontal will automatically display the Now Playing screen and play queue.
  • In-depth Context Menu: Single-tap to view artist info, add to queue, add to favorites, or a custom playlist.
  • More Languages: Every screen of the BluOS Controller App is now fully translated in supported languages.

*Other minor software enhancements including language support for Slovak and French (Canadian).

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